Memory CSF

Comfort and safety Foam

Memory CSF is a patented technology that integrates our Performance Memory Foam in headrests and moulded foam for seats. Developed together by Toscana Gomma SpA and Gestind SpA, both part of Olmo Group (European leader in the production of flexible polyurethane foams), Memory CSF is the new horizon of foam.

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What is Memory CSF? Gestind

What is Memory CSF?

Memory CSF is the new horizon of foam: providing a new technology in headrests and moulded foam seat pads for the automotive industry, our innovative product brings comfort and safety to an entirely new level.

Moulded Foam Seats

Memory CSF Foam Seats are top-level in terms of comfort and breathability. Our Performance Memory Foam maximizes comfort for occupants, while the passing holes guarantee an optimal seat breathability and thermal regulation. The result is a seat that offers an extraordinary performance.


Comfort and safety: our two favorite keywords. Thanks to the innovative material used, our Memory CSF headrests guarantee superior comfort. The consequence is optimized safety: because occupants won’t feel the need to adjust their headrests, the head will be kept in the correct position, minimizing whiplash effects in case of collision.


Memory CSF headrests are not only comfortable and not only do they increase safety, but they are also cost-efficient to produce. Thanks to our comfortable and innovative material, it is sufficient for our headrests to only move upwards and downwards: this means a four-way system, used for other products on the market, is not required.