The 70s were the years of freedom. There was a boom in creativity and the desire to progress in all areas. In 1973, in Bruzolo in Susa Valley, a few kilometres from Turin, Gestind S.p.A was founded.
Since the day it got its first car, Gestind has dealt almost exclusively in automotive components.
Over the years, its staff of engineers has specialised in the development, engineering and production of headrests ,bezels and armrest and connected sub-components for the automotive sector. Gestind thus begun its solitary journey lasting nearly a decade, until, fortunately for the Turin-based company, car design evolves and changes in the 80s.
Headrests and armrests become building blocks for all cars and the company opens its doors to Toscana Gomma (an Italian rubber company), which becomes the majority shareholder. The two companies begin a long journey of growth by opening another factory in Poland in 2000. Through a joint venture with a foreign group, the company expands its roots abroad until 2009, when Toscana Gomma becomes sole owner of Gestind.

TODAY Gestind


Every day a specialised staff of technicians works passionately in the company, with the following production lines:
_ flexible polyurethane moulding, Integral skin and Foam in Place technology
_ plastic injection moulding
_ metal frame for headrests
_ automatic plastic sleeves production
_ automatic and semi-automatic armrest assembly


The production lines of Gestind have main features such as great adaptability and absolutely ground-breaking production technology, which guarantees the ability to produce headrest and armrest with fabric, leather and PVC Vynil in complex, sculpturesque and modern design shapes. Continuous technological development has allowed Gestind to offer its customers headrest and armrest with unusual, and particularly creative shapes.
All of Gestind’s technologies have an important common goal at their core: to create modern and reliable components. Multiform and accentuated lines. This structured product is worked with care and method.